Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Day

Today is my birthday (I'm 35) and for my 22 month old, should be like every other day.

As usual, this morning Turbo and I go to Little Sweetie when she wakes.  She greets us with her sweet, little "Hiiiiii" and huge smile, just like everyday.  As I reach her crib, she says "Happy Day" to me.  This is her "Happy Birthday".  Let me tell you, my heart just melted.   Happy Day indeed!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Book Storage

Books, I love books. The ones on our shelves are full of amazing ideas, information and stories.  When our family grew, our personal space shrunk. At a time when we had less room for bookshelves, we had all new genres of books we were adding (parenting, child education and ALL the kids books).   We purged our shelves donating many wonderful books and storing the ones which we couldn't part.  I'm reaching another critical mass with books and am not willing to do another major purge - so what to do?

Two things -
#1 ~ We found some additional room for a bookshelf!
#2 ~ This is the brilliant one for me ~ USE BASKETS.  This allows me to categorize the kids books and store them front to back on the shelf - expanding the number of books that will fit ~ by a lot! YEA!

I just had to post because it was brilliant and if I put it here, I won't forget the idea or where it came from.  If you want to see pictures - check out Three Plus Two blog just be prepared, she has A LOT of books.