Friday, August 12, 2011

Power of language

Last month, we're in the car. Music on, Mommy and LilSweetie singing. 
Turbo: Mommy, I know what this is called a collar (pointing to the collar on his shirt)
M: Why?
T: Because it sits on your collar bone.

HA! At least one of us was having deep thoughts. Not sure how he knew that was the collar bone though.

Today our interchange goes like this...
Me: "Turbo" (only I used his real name), go get dressed please.
T: No thank you
M: Honey, it's time to get dressed
T: (in such a nice, sweet voice) Mommy, I said no. You say no sometimes and I listen to you. When I say no, you should listen to me.

As much as I tried to suppress, a laugh escaped as it was so funny and unexpected.  I reminded him I was the Mommy and with a big hug and a tushie pat, sent him to get dressed. 

Oh the joy seeing him connect and use language for understanding and... persuasion.