Tuesday, February 16, 2010

That's Sassy

When I ask Turbo to do something, occasionally all the time lately,  he looks right at me and says "NO". I've been telling him, "That's sassy to say no to Mommy. When I ask you to do something you need to say  "Yes Mommy".

Today he asked me to play starfall.com and I was in the middle of doing something with Sweet Pea and said quickly said "no".  He comes right over to me, looked me in the eye and said "That's sassy to say no Mommy. You need to say "Yes, Turbo" (except he used his real name).  Oh my, I'm still laughing about that!!


Mari-Ann said...

Oh what a hoot!! James' FAVORITE word right now is 'no'. Loves to say it all.the.time. Same with 'I don't like it!'. Sigh... fun phase, isn't it?! :)

Monica said...

That is too funny! Ah, life with a 2 year old... My toddler's new phrase is "no like that."

Oh, and I'd love to hear more about any helpful money-saving resources you've found! I need to learn how to shop with coupons and things like that.