Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bird Cards

Here they are!  If you're interested in using the bird cards we used during our Birds/Nests week, here's a link to the download.  I printed, laminated then cut them out.  If you don't have a laminator, print on cardstock or just plain paper. They won't be as sturdy, but hey, it will be good practice in teaching Practical Life skills that sometimes we have to be gentle with our activities.

I like to leave it in a MS Word document so you can modify it for the birds in your area, but that means the formating can be off sometimes.  Please drop me an email or leave a comment if the file doesn't work perfectly for you.  (of course I'd love a comment either way!)

Download Bird cards 

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welcometoourwonderland said...

these are AWESOME!!! I'm so doing a Bird unit so i can use these!!! i'm waiting for Froggi to get out of school so we can do a zoo unit and use those great cards!!

thanks so much for taking the time to make and share great teaching tools with us :)

your the best!

sarah said...

Just wanted to let you know that we're using your bird unit ideas for the next few weeks...thanks for sharing all the great ideas!

Susan said...

That's awesome!