Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

I'm not really back to blogging yet until September when we start our Apples and Trees units. I'm so excited about these! In the mean time, I'm linking up to Tiny Tot Tuesday. Here's some funny quotes from Turbo these past couple weeks.

"Mommy, smell me. I smell like cherries"  after taking his vitamin (guess it was cherry flavored)

Couple weeks after we had our carpets cleaned, I was wiping up a spill on the carpet
"Thank you for being Stanley Steamer Mommy!"

Speaking of his sister, while she was following him around the play kitchen...
"I'm pretending she's garbage. What happens if we throw her in the trash can"

While sitting on the potty, he put the lid on his back
"Look Mommy, I'm a turtle."

There's so many more as with all our kids. These are just the ones I remember right now!


welcome to our wonderland said...

oh those are great!!! he is quite a cutie :) love the stanley steamer one

can't wait to read about your apples and trees unit!!

Jenilee Goodwin said...

lol the turtle one is too cute! how smart is he to say that!!

Notbefore7 said...

These were so cute. The potty one is hilarious! He is right...LOL!

Happy TTT. Welcome :)