Monday, April 4, 2011


We were able to connect with a visiting cousin on our way to SF MOMA today.  She had her wonderful beau, Doug, with her (we all liked him very much!)

We played in the Yerba Gardens and chatted while the kids ate lunch. They were their usual selves! Turbo was cautious on the equipment and full speed running around the grassy area. Anne-Michelle was such a good sport playing airplane and any other game Turbo thought up!  He was also showing his 3 year old funny side.

Little Sweetie was fearless as usual - going down the super fast slide with excitement and determination to do it again and again. I went with her each time because it was that fast!  But when she got to the top while I was still chatting with Anne-Michelle, I just planned on catching her at the bottom (it was very, very fast slide).  Doug, bounded to the top of the slide and went down with her - such a hero!

She then lead him to the top of the higher than high slide. On the way up, a precocious 7 year old girl asked Doug "How old is your child?" He says "1", the girl informs him that "You must be at least 5 to be on this equipment"  Trying not to laugh, he continues to the top with Little Sweetie.
Now, I don't normally get nervous at slides, even high ones. However, this was the highest slide I'd ever seen at a playground and while it was a full tube I was still very nervous about Lil' Sweetie going down.  Thankfully she realized herself it was too high and led Doug back down. Guess the 7 year old was on to something (HA!)

It was a wonderful visit with two amazing people. Anne-Michelle captured Turbo's heart as he asked me several times when we'd see them again.

We love you guys!!

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