Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer & Preschool Plans

I'm so excited that Summer is just around the corner - despite the chilly weather we're having! 

This summer is shaping up to be a full one! The exciting part is our Holiday to visit all our East Coast family.  This is the highlight of our summer and we are looking forward to it more than I can say.  The kids know Rick's parents well and are super excited to see them, visit their house and see their cousins. We're expecting another niece or nephew to join the family soon!! So we'll get to meet the baby on this trip too.  After we get back, we'll have a little down time, Vacation Bible School, then a little Camp through our community.   Blink ~ The summer is over and School starts.     They say that the years go by faster once your kids get in school.....Seriously, I can't even imagine, but it will happen this year!

Turbo turns 4 this year and it is very customary in our area to send them to preschool. We picked a great one where Turbo would go 3x per week for 2.5hrs per day.  We enrolled, paid a deposit and on some frustrating days, I found myself counting the days until he'd go!  However, once it came time to turn in all the final paperwork, Rick and I decided it wasn't the best strategy for Turbo or our family.

So we're not sending him to traditional Preschool, but will do it together instead. While it was a difficult decision at first, I'm THRILLED about it now. I'm looking forward to our continued freedom to go and do as we'd like instead of being tied down to the school year when the kids are so little.  With the kids at 4 & 2, we'll be able to spend much time on adventures and exploring. 

So I'm in the process of planning away.  While we won't be heavy on the academics, I want to provide him with material that keeps him a bit challenged and interested. We'll be doing lapbooks, TONS of outings, art projects, and lots of other learning through fun stuff.  

So that's it for now.  No pictures again ~ I know. It's the biggest challenge in why I haven't been blogging.  So many have suggested Windows Live Writer that I will look at it over the summer and see if that makes it easier to blog. I really want to blog weekly once we start school. It was awesome to look back over these past 18 months and relive such fun moments. 

Ok, I found a couple to post! Here are soem from our Dirt Park riding adventures earlier this month. You can be sure we'll be doing this often. The kids had a blast. Turbo was amazing on the big hills. Sweetie just wanted to be on his bike with Daddy pushing her.  Cute!


Welcometoourwonderland said...

sounds like some great plans. I can't believe he is 4 already and she is 2! wow time flies. this summer we are reviewing for kindergarten and 5th grade (I'm reviewing too since I'm going back to college).

windows live is a nice blogging system you don't even have to go online to type up your blog post :)

Welcometoourwonderland said...

oh forgot to say loved all your artist studies. we did one the month of may Piet Mondrian. we are doing one for June that will be fun too: