Sunday, September 4, 2011

Preschool Week 1 & 2 ~ Wrap Up!

We had such a great start to our Preschool!! It was better than I expected.  Turbo was thrilled about most of the activities and thinks school is super fun.   Here's a few things we did.

Character:  Orderly
We learned the song and verse from  We created some new Order within our playroom and we looked for opportunities to compliment each other being orderly.  This has made an impact in our relationships. He's really looking for nice things to say to me and his sister. I LIKE THAT!

We worked on l, t, i, j & v these two weeks. I'm using the Kumon Lowercase letters workbook with various warmup and practice to start.

Reading:We're using Hooked On Phonics as I found an excellent deal on an older version. While Turbo placed in the First Grade book, I decided to start him in Kindergarten. I thought the transition to structured phonic learning was enough for him to tackle. Good decision. He saw the words, thought it was easy and started rushing the reading. He made mistakes on words he knows very well.  By day 3 it was vastly improved. Stickers are such a motivator.
He also chose his Tag Reader, Bob Books and various Early Readers for additional practice.

We started RightStart Math Book A. It was a toss up because he placed in Book B and the staff at Rightstart encouraged it. Still, I decided to order both A & B as I'm sure LilSweetie will start in A.  Upon looking through both books, I chose A for Turbo. It goes a little slower and that's our pace for this year.  He likes it and thinks it's fun. Here's a picture of the items for one lesson. No pencil in that box!! Just fun manipulatives. Turbo loves that part of the program.

Theme: Oceans!
Turbo loves themes and so do I.  We incorporate our theme into circle time, books, hand-on learning activities, videos to watch and so forth.  There's a ton of activities here - I'll do another post.

Outing: Beach
Somehow we hadn't made it this summer.  While we went last year, the kids didn't remember that. So it was like seeing it for the first time again.  Oh how I love these early ages!!  The joy as they played in the sand and splashed the water.  Turbo was so surprised it was COLD!  We played with driftwood, found crabs (alive and dead), built sandcastles and chased seagulls.  We saw a pelican dive for fish to the surprise of LilSweetie. It was a special day.  The thing missing was Daddy. I'm sad he didn't get to join us due to a work situation.  We might make another trip next week together.

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