Sunday, December 6, 2009

Letter of the Week - R r

R is a terrific gross motor letter! We had so much fun pretending to be rockets, rabbits, robots and more at every chance.

Playing Ring Toss

The Rock Maze at our local amusement park

Rolling and Running were even more fun for R week.

We worked on Rainbow patterns.

We matched shades of rainbow colors

Coloring with rainbow colors

Rainbow puzzle- this was the left over scraps from a different rainbow activity I attempted, but didn't go as planned. I was putting these in our scrap paper pile, and realized this would be a terrific rainbow example for coloring and a puzzle for him to put in the correct order. He liked it too!

Leaf Rubbings - Turbo liked this more than I anticipated!

We wore red and especially our Red Rocket jammies. The best wearing red was on Friday before bed, Turbo was helping me sort the clothes from the dryer. He thoguth Daddy's red underware were very cool. This is what I found after putting Sweet Pea to bed. Yep, took of pants and diaper to wear Daddy's underware. Oh my, I'm still laughing about that.

We made and played with Rainbow Rice. I posted a tutorial for you earlier this week.

Ate 'r' things. This was a rice cake with peanut butter and raisins. We also ate ravioli.

We practiced Rhyming cards from

Few other things we did, but no pictures:
- We attempted to make a rainbow rice covered R, but Turbo insisted on using a glue stick. So, the process was fun, but the outcome was a slightly sticky R with slightly sticky rice all over the counter. I wish I had a picture because it was very funny!
- Watched rocket videos on YouTube.
- Reviewed our R poster from
- We talked about R things like recycling, reindeer, robots, rain, and routines.

I am so happy to be back doing letters of the week. However, we're going to take off again until the new year. We have a very full next two weeks with other activities and we'll be doing some traveling over the holiday.  It's going to be so much fun!


Mari-Ann said...

You two sure had a fun week! I'm giggling about Turbo in daddy's underware!! And isn't YouTube a great learning tool?! We watched rockets on there too when we did our R week - so many videos out there! Love your rainbow puzzle, too. :)

Susan said...

I never think to look to Youtube for videos for my little one. What a great idea. Thanks also for making a tutorial for Rainbow Rice. I have been wondering how to do it!

Anonymous said...

What a great week! I love the rainbow puzzle you made!

Susan said...

Youtube is the best! We've been using it for ages to show Turbo anything that sparks his interest or anything we're teaching. He loves to see all the musical instruments from his Music Together CD. Cello, bass, oboe, kalimba. What amazing tools we have at our fingertips to show the world to our children!