Wednesday, December 2, 2009

R is for...

ROLL OVER!!   Evidently Sweet Pea's in on this being R week. She rolled over for the first time today. Tummy to back over her right hand side.  She was so close for about 3 minutes so I grabbed my camera and was able to get it on video!! HOORRAY.  She didn't seem all that surprised to have rolled.  Such a cool cat.   She did it another couple times right after.

Then we had company and too many little feet running around so she didn't stay on the floor for long.  Can't wait to see if she'll do it again tomorrow.  I don't know if I'm ready for her to start moving her self around yet.  Ha, I don't know if Turbo will be ready for that either.  This is the first step to her getting into all his toys.

In the video I say she's 4 months old today, but she's 17 weeks today. She'll be 4 months on Friday. Yep, tired.

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Brenda said...

OHHH! How exciting! I am so glad you captured it! She is so adorable! Thank you for keeping up on your blog. It helps this gramma out a lot!

Love you all!