Monday, March 7, 2011

Art Class - Piet Mondrian

A few weeks ago we started an art class. I'm so grateful to the Mom with the idea and who coordinated schedules to get 6 kids (4 Moms) together once a week.  Our group is 3 & 4 year olds, so we decided to focus on a different artist each week. We start with a circle time (song, discussion of the art/artist, and activity or story), then the kids do 3 projects in the style of that artist. Each Mom will teach twice and we'll do a field trip at the end. 

We've been having a terrific time!  I know little about famous artists, I'm not very 'artsy' and it had been awhile since we'd done art - much less done it regularly.  Our class has really been an inspiration for both of us.  Turbo has been asking to do some kind of art every day since the start of class. It's awesome to hear him create something and say - this is like Paul Klee, Mondrian or O'Keeffe.  I've been learning about various artist and expanding the tools and mediums we use to create art!

Easy, Fun and Inspirational.  Here's a sample of Piet Mondrian's art. 

Project 1: Glue bright colored geometric shapes and black lines onto paper

Project 2:  Chalk on Black Cardstock - the kids put masking tape in various locations on black cardstock. Then colored with Chalk. Removing the tape, left uncolored black space between the colored areas.

Project 3: Paint on White Paper - similar to above, the kids placed masking tape in random locations on Paint Paper. Then painted with various colors. Removing the tape left crisp white lines between the painted areas.

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butterflywishes said...

that is awesome love your art group!!!! Mondrian is a great one to start with!

can't wait to read about more of your artist studies