Thursday, January 28, 2010

January Update #2 - COUPONS

2010 is going to be a great year - I can feel it already.  I have written out most of my goals for this year and a plan on attaining them.  One of my plans is to use our money more wisely. I want to be spending less and getting more for my dollar.  My biggest focus for January has been learning to use coupons, rebates and sales to stretch our money for groceries.  We returned home on Jan 5th and that first weekend I went out to the stores, armed with my coupons and scored some incredible deals!! Seriously, I can't believe how much money I had been wasting by being uneducated in the strategies of sales, coupons and rebates.  Does it take time? Yep! In fact those first two weeks it took a LOT of time.  It was an investment and one that I happily made. Seriously when you see that big "You saved 70%" at the bottom of your grocery receipt, you realize it was time well spent.  See that $79.48, that's what I saved.

So let me tell you, I am now THAT mom, the one with the big basket of groceries and handfuls of coupons that you DO NOT want to be behind in the checkout line! I have a funny story, I purchased a bunch of groceries at Safeway and after my coupons it came to $.08 - yep - even the checker was impressed.  When I went to swipe my credit card, she couldn't believe I didn't have $.08 and had to use my cc for the transaction. She razzed me a bit, in good fun.  When I got home and told Rick about it, he laughed and made me start carrying a quarter with me for my next super deal!

February plans are to make all the phone calls to reduce or comparison shop our monthly and annual expenses such as insurance, cable, etc. 

Do you have any strategies to save your family money this year?


Anonymous said...

that is AWESOME!!!! i love it when i can find good deals and save money!

throughtheeyesofchildren said...

that is AWESOME!!!! i love it when i can find good deals and save money!