Saturday, January 9, 2010

We're Home again!

We've been gone for awhile and I've missed blogging!  We traveled to Pittsburgh to visit my husband's family. He has a large immediate family and a huge extended family (think of the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding") in both the Pittsburgh and Allentown areas.  While visiting his parents, we were blessed to see all his siblings and many of the cousins that were also home for Christmas. It was non-stop visiting! The best part was watching all the kids running around, playing and having so much fun together. There was such a sense of family and love - even with the kids.  For part of our trip we drove to the other side of Pennsylvania to visit Rick's Grandmother (Dad's Mom) and all the family on that side.  It was a very special time to be together.   I'll be posting updates over the next week or so with pictures from our visit.

I must take a Mommy bragging moment here - MY KIDS ARE AMAZING!!  Travel is tough for little ones with our very early and long travel days, TONS of new people all at one time, off schedules, many different enviornments, not as much dedicated time with Mommy, different foods, not all the favorite books, etc.  My kids were terrific!!!!  Turbo was excited to be in new places and did great on all the travel days (air and car!) I was so happy at his behavior - he kept his humor and easy going nature for the entire trip.  Sweet Pea was sweet and adorable during the days. She was fine being passed around and smiled/laughed for everyone.  Yes, they are absolutely amazing.

Now, before you think it's all a picture print by Currier and Ives, we did have major sleeping challenges. Basically one or the other seemed to be up constantly throughout the night and only Mommy would do. Sweet Pea screamed during bedtimes like I'd never heard her do before and was so out of sorts I thought she needed to go to the doctor! After a day she was better, but not completely herself as she wouldn't sleep by herself for naps or bed. So I napped her in the carrier or held her. It was so nice to have the time to just hold her - I didn't mind. As for the nights, let me just say, I am still amazed at how little sleep a Mommy requires.  Honestly, it was inconsequential compared to the memories we created.

While visits are fun, there's also a joy in coming back home and settling back into routine. Next week we'll start TotSchool and our other activities again. More posting to come!


Jo Shabo said...

ugh... sleep is always an issue for my kids on vacations too... I get so excited about going on vacation... and then I come home completely EXHAUSTED!!!! Happy New Year!

Mari-Ann said...

Welcome home!! I'm so glad you had a great trip and that the kids did SO well!!! Whenever we travel the only thing James has a hard time with is sleep. Must be a hard thing for those little ones!
Can't wait for your posts - I've missed you! :)

Monica said...

Glad to hear you're all back safely! I can relate to those tough nights when traveling. It's even trickier with two, isn't it? One night we shared a hotel room, and we were all awake from 2am on...yikes!

Monica said...


I gave your great blog the sunshine award over at my blog, If you've already received this award, please accept the compliment and no need to do anything else. :)