Saturday, January 30, 2010

Potty Training - Day #1

Friday was the day that we kicked off our potty training with Turbo.  Rick took the day off work so that one of us would always be by his side. We didn't know what to expect and if the transition would be difficult.

Thursday night I put out 10 pairs of underwear and 5 pairs of soft and ease to slide off/on pants. I also had some rags and cleanser ready for the accidents. Of course we had the step-stool and potty seat.

Friday morning I went into get Turbo.  He was happy as usual and ready to start the day. I decided to start with underwear after breakfast so he would be able to run to the potty when needed.  After breakfast and a little play, I told him that today was the day we were going to go on the potty.  Now I should say that for the previous 3 days, I told him that he would be going pee/poo on the potty starting Friday. Still, he seemed a bit surprised, but I was already pulling down his pants and removing his diaper. I decided to leave off his underwear for a bit to help reinforce that something was different - plus, 2 year olds LOVE to be naked. He was so excited about being without pants that he took off his shirt too. I have some adorable pictures of that little tushy running around, but cropped them for a little privacy.  It wasn't long before we put the underwear on, but it was a fun transition for him.

The day went super easy! Rick and I kept saying we must be missing something it's going so well!  There was one time that Turbo was on his own, Rick was occupied with Sweet Pea and I was cleaning up the lunch dishes, all of a sudden we hear the toilet lid go up and the sound of him peeing all on his own.  WOOHOO.   There was two times during the day that he asked for a diaper. We're assuming because he had to poo.  Of course we told him that he was a big boy now and wore underwear and went on the potty. He managed to hold it in the entire day.   So as bedtime approached, we celebrated a wonderful and successful day potty training.   No fighting, No whining and No Accidents.  It was a dream day.  

Since I'm behind in posting, I'll soon be posting about Day 2. Stay tuned to see if the 2nd day went as smoothly as the first.

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Mari-Ann said...

Hooray!!! Way to go, Turbo! You are just one lucky woman. James is NOT budging on the whole potty thing. Happy as a clam to sit in a dirty diaper or underware (not that we let him stay that way for long, but if we did I don't think he'd mind!)