Saturday, March 27, 2010

Collage Art

Shannon over at Welcome to our Wonderland is hosting a weekly link up for Collage Boxes.  If you remember all our Open Ended Art projects were inspired by her themes and link-ups.  I've seriously been needing to get back into a Weekly Art link up because I'm not the crafty, creative type. So I'm excited that she's hosting the weekly Collage Boxes.

In the late Summer last year we did a Contact Paper collage. I taped Contact Paper to the wall (sticky side out) and gave him some tissue paper, google eyes, pompoms, and construction paper.  I thought for sure I had blogged about it, but can't seem to find the post  *snif*.  At a little over 2 years old, he was very interested in the texture of the items, the stickiness of the paper and the defiance of gravity when he put the items on the paper. He was very intent on filling up every inch of the contact paper with all the pieces. There wasn't really a pattern or order to the placement.

I decided to see what he'd create 8 months or so later, given similar materials.

Here's his art at the end of Day 1.

Day 2 -  he took down all the google eyes (he loved that part) and this is what he created. You can see there's a definite pattern to his use and placement of materials today.  He did a lot of sets of 3s.
Also, he talked about the pieces as he placed them "long, orange rectangle; green circle, red pompom etc."  I glad about that because when I tried to work on long, longest, short, shortest with him earlier in the week, I was convinced he'd forgotten it all as he was not at all interested.  Sort of like my story about money, here Much to my joy, he was listening even if not interested. (Hope his teenage years are like that!)

Day 3 - Today he added hearts and squares. He seems to be keeping the shapes and items organized on his paper. I wish I could find the picture from months ago so you could also see the change.

Day 4+ - He lost interest in it towards the end of the week. That's ok. He really enjoyed it the first few days and I know he will enjoy doing this concept again next week.
I think I will do this more often - bring out old projects/materials to use again in a similar way.  It's fun to see how his thinking has changed and how he brings in concepts we've learned to art!

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Anonymous said...

he did great I love how he progressed through out the week! :)

can't wait to see more of his art!