Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mind of their own

This is just a side note, funny story.  Probably more for the grandparents than anyone!

Turbo is all about playing with his coins. He loves to carry them around, put in/take out, and especially play grocery store!  I've been looking for ways to teach him counting by 5s, 10s. Coins seemed like a great way. So while we were playing grocery store, he had set all his coins out. We sorted them and I started telling him that dimes are 10 cents; nickles are 5 cents; quarters are 25 cents. He looked uninterested and went back to moving his coins around. I tried again (mistake) and said so cheerfully -  Turbo, look here, this dime is 10 cents. It's worth 10 pennies." I think I saw his eyes roll! He looks right at me and says "Don't care about that. Just want to play grocery store! Don't care about that"   Ok, then. We'll be saving that concept for a different day - in the distant future.  Seriously, it's laugh central around here!!

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