Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fun Week - already!

WOW, what a fun and busy week this week already.  The weekend was full of Easter activities and some sewing/crafting. I'll be posting all about it this weekend!  I'm really not very creative, but I can be crafty (read: I can follow directions well!)  Anyway, it's great to have so many projects checked off my list!

Monday we spent a lot of time outside enjoying our lovely weather. Turbo absolutely loves riding his Strider Running Bike.  Seriously, this thing is so cool.  It's a little bike with no pedals. He sits on the seat and uses his feet to push off. After just a day or so, my cautious little guy was already lifting his feet and gliding a bit. He really goes far and fast now! Our neighbors came out and the kids played together.  Its really a special thing to have a sense of community and friendship around us.

Tuesday we went to the zoo again with a friend and her kids. We all had a great time. I wasn't sure that going again so soon would be fun for him, but it really was.  He likes the familiarity of seeing the same animals and knowing what to expect. There was a lot of discussion about Siamang monkeys! I think he really likes saying Siamang.  Plus he had a whole week with the Zoo Animals Ring Book I made him, so he could tell me more about the animals. I added four extra pages to his Ring Book for Goat, Sheep, Bat and multiple Reptiles.

Today we did some TotSchool and errands in the morning. Then after an unsuccessful nap attempt, we went to a BBQ with a girlfriend that was visiting from out of town. We got home just in time for the kids' bedtime (AHHHH).  Both kids are wiped out and went down without a peep! So is Mommy and I should be going to bed too!

Tomorrow is another fun-filled day with a visit to one of our large city parks. There's a little farm onsite along with rides, a steam train, botanical garden, and more. Turbo is so excited to go and we're meeting a good friend so that makes it extra special.

What I realized tonight while preparing for next weeks tot school is that we didn't do as many theme related TotSchool activities as I had planned. That's not a bad thing at all, but I decided to extend Farm / Animal theme for another week to give us more time to do explore the theme after such great outings.  I think the outing/activity/stories combination is really going to work for us.

Ok now for some Sweet Pictures. I know I'll have to remove these in a couple years when he's mortified about them, but for right now, I have to share! 
getting his 'nursing cover'
 Aww, aren't those so sweet!


Donette said...

Sounds like a great time.
I love the photos of the Doll episode! Very Cute

Donette said...

Sounds like a great time.
I love the photos of the Doll episode! Very Cute

welcometoourwonderland said...

that is so cute! gidget use to nurse her dolls :) and stuffed animals