Monday, April 19, 2010

Something SUPER cool!

I have a backyard and my son loves to play out there.  He plays well independently outside for a little bit, but really wants to be able to see me or check on me in the house. So we end up leaving the backdoor open. Since I don't have a screen door - that also means we have flies.  One day last summer, we had 6 - SIX - annoying flies buzzing around this house.  UGH.  I know you can relate!-right?

I've been putting off getting a screen door because I didn't think it would really be the best solution.  Here's what I wanted

NO yelling - close the screen door
NO damages - by running into it
NO slamming/banging - when it closes
No fussing around with the door when my hands are full
NO high costs
NO bugs

Sounds like I need a curtain right? That's what I thought too. Since I know how to sew now, I googled "make screen curtain" to get some patterns.   I didn't find a pattern, but I found a solution!!!

It's a screen curtain! Yep, someone already thought of the idea.  It's better than I could make it for sure.  The screen is a nice mesh, there are two panels that close together with magnets to enable hands-free use and then will close behind you. There are weights in the bottom to prevent it from blowing all around. It comes with the rod to hang. Seriously, this is exactly, exactly what I wanted.  The price - terrific!  I immediately purchased mine (I bought off amazon), received it quickly and put it up in 3 minutes!


If you need a quality, inexpensive and easy screen for your door - (tall, short, sliding, french) - take a look at BugOff Instant Screen.  I'm seriously in love with ours.  My house is full of fresh air, we're playing out back and there are no flies in my house! WOO HOO! Just wanted to share this amazing product.


welcome to our wonderland said...

that is AWESOME does it let in any bugs we have a real wasp problem when the door is left open! :(

I so would LOVE to have this the dogs could go in and out when ever!!! so could the girls :)

Susan said...

YIKES, I thought flies were bad. Wasps would be scary. This could be just the thing for you. It hasn't let any bugs in our house since I put it up on Saturday. It seems very remote that one would be able to follow you in the house. Better than a regular screen door because this one closes automatically right behind you.... PS: The company was so happy about my blog post they're going to sponsor a GIVE-AWAY!! WooHoo! It will start soon(end of the week I think)

donettebell said...

how awesome!

welcome to our wonderland said...

so excited! fingers and toes crossed i win!!!:)

Crystal said...

This screen sounds amazing! I am a neighbor of Susan's and bugs are quite a bit of a problem. We've been contemplating about purchasing a screen door, but I think I've just discovered something much better than your typical door. Awww, the tought of having fresh air in my home without having to keep a door open and EXCLUDING the bugs, it's a dream.

Thanks so much for forwarding this on!!


Michelle said...

This is seriously GENIUS. I've never heard/thought about it before, but it is awesome!