Monday, April 5, 2010

Zoo Week!

This week was our Z / Zoo week.  I really like tying our letters of the week with a main theme/activity.  Monday our playgroup headed to the zoo.  I was a bit nervous about taking both kids, but it was super fun.

The night before I made this booklet for him with animal pictures, name and facts. He LOVED it! I brought along star stickers so he could mark the animals he saw.We also used the start stickers to mark animals off on the zoo map.  For the first few animals he was really into it, but then we put it away so he could run around.   The whole way home he read looked through it again and again. He still asks for it.  Are you going to the zoo?   Leave me a comment or email me (there's a link in my profile) and I'll email it to you!   
 OK, I think I have a link for all of you!! HOORAAY!
Should you have any problems at all with the file, leave me a comment and I'll get right back to you!

In addition to the zoo and fun playdates here's some of our other learning activities:Build a zoo from blocks - The monkey is on a 'platform' just like at the zoo!

Rainbow Rice ~ LOVE THIS!! Seriously this enables me to have many a phone conversation in peace. I have a couple little spoons, funnel, cup he uses too. I always put this container on a larger tray and he is required to keep all the rice, toys and items on the tray. If not, we're done. While there's always a little to clean up from the floor, it's very minimal! Learn how to make your own in my little tutorial.

As I mentioned in this blog post, I'm going to be using resources others create for most of our letter activities. These are from here.

Letter Activities

Puzzle ~ now that I have a laminator (LOVE IT!) Turbo likes these activities so much more! The pieces are much sturdier and that really helps.  However, it also makes things more slippery. So I put our puzzle backsheet (printed in b/w) on a cookie sheet. Then I use glue dots to secure thin magnets to the puzzle pieces (printed in color). ~ Ok, not a letter of the week activity, but I wanted to give some kudos to this great resource. It's a message board where you post if you have something to OFFER or WANTED. I needed some thin magnets for the above activity & others so posted a request. Here's what I got and there's more waiting for me to pick up tomorrow! WOO HOO!  I've been using it for years and have been happy to both give and receive.

More fun with our Do-A-Dot markers

Number sequencing on our super-cool new pocket chart

Color Matching puzzles. Daddy cut these up and did a great job!

Music ~ Lots of Music as usual around here.  He's getting back into playing his keyboard. Until recently his guitar captured all his attention.
Puppets.  Got these ages ago on clearance and was so excited to make them. Then was disappointed because the bags were so small they didn't really fit my hand. Turbo didn't enjoy them - much to my surprise - so we'll save them for another time.  I have visions of Turbo and Sweet Pea putting on puppet shows for me in a couple years. 

Photography: He's very, very interested in taking pictures with my camera. While he has several cameras and a couple that actually work, he wants to learn mine. He got so much better the next day. As you can see, he wanted to take pictures of his Mommy. Awwww.

This week also marks the start of a few things.
1) Really asking "WHY?" about everything. I mean everything. Seriously. The wonderment of childhood!
2) Making up names for characters without one. For instance: The Cat in the Hat: the boy and the fish do not have names. They are now Drop and Gingoam respectively.  Although tonight the boy's name was changed to Ringack.  Hysterical.
3) Funny, I can't remember what I was going to type... Guess I need to go to bed!  Hmm, Maybe it's that he is saying "I DID IT" about everything he does. Very sweet.  I enjoy seeing his sense of accomplishment. 

This has been going on for awhile, but I haven't mentioned it yet. This kid knows the make of every single car he sees! It's so funny.  "That's a Dodge Ram" "That's the old Dodge Logo" (when he sees the old pentagon/star logo), Cadillac, Honda, Chevy, Corvette, Ford mustang, Oldsmobile, Mercury, Audi, Buick - you name it, he knows it.  Today was the first day in a long time he saw one that threw him off - a Daewoo.  This has been happening since late January.   Of course he knows the VW bugs. Every time he sees a Prius he calls it the "Toyota bug". I can't possibly correct him, it's so cute!!

Here's some cute Sweet Pea pictures - She's 8 months today!:


Anonymous said...

what a great week! Love the zoo book might have to make on of those myself for our zoo and farm trips :)

Amy P. said...

Just discovered your blog and am getting lots of good ideas! I would be interested in the file for the zoo book.

sbswtp said...

Such a fun week! The Zoo Book is a great idea- I would love the file for it!

Donette said...

Love your activities this week.
Can i get a copy of the zoobook?

dedralane said...

I'd love a copy of your zoobook!

I just found your blog recently. Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Susan said...

I would love a copy of the zoo book too! Did you go to the Oakland Zoo in CA? We live outside of Sac and are headed there in a few weeks!

Retrocutie said...

I would absolutely love a copy of the file! We are planning a trip very soon!

Susan said...

That's great that so many are interested in the file. If you've emailed me or left me a comment and I was able to figure out your email address ~ I've sent off the file.

Retrocutie ~ I don't have an email for you. If you click on "view my complete profile" - under picture and text on the right. Then click on EMAIL on the right hand side. You can email me your contact info and I'll get the file right out to you.

HISLittleLambs said...

Would you please e-mail me your zoo booklet? We are getting ready to go to the zoo and these will be an excellent activity!

Anonymous said...

Hi --

I can't get the link to your zoo book to work. Can you please email it to me?


williams3129 at comcast dot net

NLD said...

I too would love the Zoo book!!! We are going at the end of the month.Could not get the link to work

Also, where do you buy the rainbow rice...or did you make it?

Kelly said...

Would love a copy of the zoo book - could not get the link to work.


Melissa said...

I would really love a copy of the zoo book! Thanks so much! We are going to be visitng the Oakland Zoo in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Could I also have a copy of your zoo book? I just found your blog today and I love your ideas!


LaToya said...

I'd love a copy of the zoo book, the link didn't work for me.

This Creative Mama said...

Found your blog through 1+1+1=1.. Love your ideas!
I would love a copy of your zoo cards, the link did not work for me. Please email me at joruns409 @ yahoo . com

Confessions Of A Homeschooler said...

I love the zoo book idea, especially with the warm weather coming up we've been itching to go! Thanks :)

Mandy said...

What a great idea! We are going to the zoo next week and would love a copy of this if you can email it to me. I tried the link, but it wouldn't work. Thanks so much!

MoziEsmé said...

This looks like a terrific week!

janemaritz at yahoo dot com

Katie said...

I, too, would love to receive an email with the zoo cards document.

kaos2me at gmail dot com

Thank you!

Susan said...

Darn Ladies, my link didn't work *pout* So sorry. Well, just leave a comment or email me through my profile and I'll send it right out to you!

If you requested and haven't received it yet send me an email through my profile. It may be that I couldn't locate your email address.

Hope you all are able to get some use from the file!

Kelly said...

Would love a copy of the zoo book - could not get the link to work.


Joel said...

Would love to have the link for the zoo animals.

Cindy Gellhaus said...

I love your ideas, I am trying to start do more tot school ideas with my little girl. I would love if you send me your zoo ideas. Thanks for helping.

Jodie said...

I would love a copy of the book
jodietamm at gmail dot com

Katie said...

Susan is super sweet!

Thank you so much for sharing your Zoo Cards.

Susan said...

testing disqus

Maria said...

I love the zoo cards! Great idea! Can I have a copy? Thanks!

Maria said...

Love this idea for the zoo trip! Can I have a copy? Thanks!

tina said...

I love the zoo cards! What a great idea! I would love the file.

I enjoy your blog ideas!

Susan said...

Tina, Thanks for the kind words! Here's the link to the download. It's a big file due to all the pictures and that I kept it in MS Word format. If you have any problems, please let me know!

Susan said...

Thanks Maria! Here's the link to the download. It's a big file due to all the pictures and that I kept it in MS Word format. If you have any problems, please let me know!

StephF said...

Just found your blog through another one (can't remember which one!). We are doing a zoo theme in August, so I have bookmarked your site. Love your ideas. I see you went to the Oakland Zoo. We live in San Jose.

michelle said...

i have a 4 year old who constantly asks why.

i am going to print the zoo thing and go when we get to the Z. we are on w this coming week. thank you!

Nicole said...

This is sooooooooo cute! Just discovered your blog via 1+1+1=1. YOu have some great ideas!

Tara Renee Sumner said...

The zoo animal book link didn't work for me. My email is Could you send it? Let me know.

Susan said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting! Not sure what happened to my link. I've
uploaded to a new location and put both a PDF and DOC versions.

Have fun at the zoo!