Friday, September 10, 2010

Start of Preschool 2010!

WooHoo, the fall schedules are coming back.  While I love summer, there's something magical and exciting about the coming of fall that I really enjoy. Here in California, there's such a mild transition, that it's often it's just the joy of being outside all day since it's not so blazing hot.  Settling in to routines and the anticipation of the holidays that will fast approach.  Ah, I love fall!

We had our first two days of preschool and they were great! I'm more excited about doing Preschool with Turbo than ever.  There are these moments - where he realizes something new, where he puts two things together that were once apart in his mind, where he's concentrating so hard to do it 'just right', the laughter, his excitement ~ that really make it a true joy.  This is a wondrous time and I'm thrilled to be along side sharing those moments with him.

I'm super busy this weekend and won't get a chance to post our week until early next week. However, I couldn't wait to tell everyone how excited we are about this year.

Stay tuned next week for a post about my approach for 2010/2011.

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