Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

We just studied apples and now we're studying trees. (note, I'm posting a week behind in my preschool posts)  In effort to take our learning outside, we went for a nature walk at one of our city's reserves.  This isn't my thing, so the main reason we went is because I believe my kids need the experience of nature. Often to my chagrin.

On our walk, Turbo sees some large green rocks stacked and decides to climb them.  Already I'm wondering what creature/bug/spider is hiding in there. I start asking him to get down and see he's not looking and is about to put his hand in some god-only-knows what kind of animal poo.
Little. oblong. poos!!!!  maybe rat, squirrel.....EWWWWWW.

No calm Mommy here. I'm squealing: "Ewwww, Stop, Don't touch anything. "  Turbo is looking worried about what went wrong.  I show him that it's animal poo. After a few moments, he says "You know Mommy, it looks like seeds... Apple Seeds, yep, that's what it looks like".  

Honestly, I was so busy washing his hands and emptying my bottle of purell on them, that it didn't register until later.  Then we both got a great laugh.

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