Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tot School ~ Little Sweetie ~ 13 months

Tot School
Little Sweetie is 13 months

While we do a lot, again, I don't have many pictures. I need to get my little camera and sit it next to me while I work with Little Sweetie.  I've been using Rick's SLR camera and while it's wonderful, it's big and a complete baby magnet! 

Here are the hightlighted things I had out for her this week
- Ball and basket ~ HUGE Hit. She really loves ball and is getting good at throwing!
- Laugh and Learn Piggy Bank - This is still one of her favorite toys. She can do all of it herself and plays with it often.
- Bowl, spoon and cup - She's getting good at feeding herself at meal time and enjoyed the pretend practice.
- Blue Bristle Blocks - Wasn't interested in playing with the few in the basket. She likes the big tub.
- Stacking Cups - She loves to play these with Turbo and by herself. She understands the nesting and tries to stack them.
- Baby Touch & feel books - this girl loves her books and will happily sit there while I read book after book.
We played ball a lot this week. Rolling, dunking, and a little bit of keep-a-way by Turbo.

Hanging out with Brother working on food matching. This climbing business is new to me as she is really very daring!

Family Calendar Time.  Little Sweetie really has the cruising down and goes after what she wants!

She is so excited when Turbo builds something for her to knock down.

This girl is into her ACCESSORIES!  She especially loves to use Turbo's (clean) underware as a bracelet.

Or a Hat.

Big smiles for her brother

Going after the chalk

Working together

Working on a drawing
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Tot School


butterflywishes said...

aww what a great week! I featured your apple activities for octobers winning reads hope that is ok! :)

butterflywishes said...

you did such an awesome job you should have wrote that post you were a better teacher then me for apples :)

Isaacandcassidy said...

your kids are adorable!

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