Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another Kid Break!

Ok, I realize this is only my 6th post and 2 of them have been crafty types.  As such, it's a bit misleading.   Let me clarify - I'm not crafty.  Or maybe I'm a bit crafty but not creative. Yes, that's a better fit. Best said - I can follow directions well.

Now that we've settled that, let me show you the new crafty thing I did today during nap time!   Actually got two things done.  First I made another owlie for Turbo's best buddy Crash.

Second, I followed this tutorial (AKA directions) for Baby Legs. Those are the adorable leg warmers for babies. They keep legs warm during diaper changes, under dresses for cool mornings and for cushioning knees while crawling.  I originally found it on Make it and Love it. Such a cute site! I also think this is sooo adorable, but it's not in my skill level anytime soon. 

Found some cute women socks in the dollar section and knew they'd be perfect for Halloween itty-bitty baby legs. I should have thought to take a before picture. So after sewing the first one and cursing the slippery fabric, then having some gaps where the layers didn't connect (UGH!) I remembered that pinning the layers together help.  Yep, I often forget about those useful pins. The second one turned out much nicer.  They look so cute on Sweet Pea!

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Ashley said...

Gosh, those turned out so cute on her. Love the halloween colors. Thanks for the link!