Monday, September 14, 2009

Tot School - Week of 9/6/09

Tot School
Turbo is 26 months old.  Sweet Pea is 5 weeks.

My first Tot School Post! As someone who's followed so many Tot-School posters, it's going to be fun to join in with everyone. Plus, I'm excited to have a blog to post about it!! I hope you join us each week for some great ideas and fun learning.

Here's what we did for Tot School the week of 9/6/09. I'm still getting used to having my camera within arms reach to get pictures of everything - so some have pics and others you'll have to use your imagination!

Letter of the week -  Our letter this week was H h. I will put up another post specifically about our H h activities.  Read about it HERE

Lacing Snake - Turbo continues to ask for this activity. He's been threading for a long time now, so I'm not sure why this still holds his interest, but he loves it.

GeoBoard - My dear friend made this board for us after I sent her the idea from Spinner's End Nursery School  We've only played with it a couple of times and he's getting the idea of how it works now. At first he takes all the bands off, then puts them around two pegs each. Then I showed him how to make a triangle and he was all about it. I didn't get pictures of that - next time!


Erasers and Pattern Cards - Turbo loves his Note Erasers from the Dollar Tree. I can't believe how many hours he's played with these things and they only cost $1!!  It was another idea from Spinners End Nursery School She created a pattern card using pictures that look just like the note erasers. Turbo is getting the idea of patterns and starting to enjoy this activity. While he asks for his erasers often, he doesn't always want the pattern cards too. That's ok, I use them next to him and he joins in when he's ready.

Scooping and Pouring - While he loves this activity, it really doesn't end well - at least for the clean up crew.  I need to monitor him more closely for when he's getting tired of the activity and sends things flying.  However, he has a lot of fun scooping and pouring the lentils.

Toddler Teasers - These are an group of iPhone Applications.  Turbo asks for them every day. I knew he knew his shapes, colors, numbers 1-9 and capital letters, but seeing him get all the questions right and really love to play it is so much fun. There's another application called Teach Me Toddler that I really like too. You can set it to use lower case letters as well as numbers through 20. I haven't shown it to him yet. Once he's board with Toddler Teasers we'll move on.

Jumping off the hearth - Turbo is great at jumping up and down and has been doing that for a long time. He's a cautious one (yes I know how blessed I am!), so he's not been jumping off things. He more, um, steps, sort of.  So we're working on jumping up and out. I started this activity by just getting up on the hearth and jumping off. WOW! Did that ever get his attention. He though it was so funny that Mommy was standing on the hearth and then jumped. We did this for a long time and I'm sure will be doing more as the week progresses :-)

Color Wheel - One of my favorite blogs - Little Hands, Big Work  (don't you just LOVE that name) had this great post about a Wheel of Learning. So I made one for Turbo and he loves it.  At first he only wanted to play with the clothes pins since they were new to him. Now he removes the pins, matches the colors, stacks the pins etc.  He doesn't often ask for this, but is always happy to play when I get it out. 

We also had a lot of outings to the library, outdoors to play and nature walks.  Of course we did a lot of reading too.   

Thanks for joining us this week. Stay tuned for more coming soon!

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