Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Life School!

This past week we had Rick's sister, her husband and their two wonderful girls here for a visit.  It was such a special time to share our home and lives with them for a short time. I'm so grateful for Rick's wonderful family and wish that we lived closer to all of them. Turbo was in HEAVEN with his two cousins ages 11 & 7.  Both girls were great with him and Sweet Pea. They were a joy to have around and we all miss them already.

As they hadn't been to Northern California before, we spent a couple days in San Francisco and then a couple days closer to home.

Here's some pictures of all our fun! (When I finally find my camera, I can post pictures of our other adventures / activities.)

Turbo and the two girls. 

Almost everyone (Brother in law is taking the picture & Sweet Pea and I are at home)

In one of the cells on Alcatraz

Just hanging around

Our weekly Music Together class

Me, Turbo and the girls making spin art and marble paintings (SOO FUN!!!). Turbo was not at all interested in doing the art - he wanted to wash dishes in the sink.  It worked out perfectly!

I'll find my camera soon - I hope. Pictures on my iPhone just don't cut it for the blog!! So happy to be back after our little break!

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Mari-Ann said...

Turbo is SUCH a cutie!! Looks like he had a blast with his cousins. :)