Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tot School

Turbo is 28 months. Sweet Pea is 12 weeks.

We had a terrific and week. It was busy with activites and Halloween parties, still we were able to get in a good amount of Tot School. Here some of the highlights.

Our Art Journal - We started an Art Journal. You can read all about it here.

We played with our bugs a lot this week.  Here Turbo is transferring and identifying all the bugs.

Honestly, I thought this would be a hit. Hiding his bugs in a container of rice. He loves the sensory aspect of working with rice and he loves his bugs. Good combo, right? Nope. It was like pulling teeth to get him to remove all his bugs. Go figure.

We quickly moved beans. He asked to scoop and pour, but ended up dumping them out and sorting. 30 minutes!! Yes, 30 and I ended the activity because it was time for dinner. I seriously am in love with these beans right now.


Walking while balancing a pasta on a spoon.  I've learned that he is not very interested in doing an activity if he doesn't get it right away. This was one of those activites. It required a lot of instruction and encouragement from me to keep him engaged in this. It was worth it. He learned a lot and was very, very proud of himself each time he made it to the destination.

Problem Solving - I'm driving, he and Sweet Pea are in their carseats. The sun is right in his eyes and he's yelling "TOO BRIGHT" over and over. I tell him to close his eyes or look away. He continues yelling. Then he's quiet. I look back. He's obviously assessed his surroundings and found a solution. He took Sweet Pea's blanket off her car seat and used it to cover his head. I was very proud. Thankfully Sweet Pea still faces backwards so she was fine.

Piano Playing by Elivs :-)

Pinata fun.  He did fairly well with hitting the target too.

Soap Play - this was an *ahem* unscheduled activity.  He decided to dump out all the liquid baby soap I'd left within his reach (opps) while I changed Sweet Pea's diaper. Not to let it go completely to waste, we learned about the thick texture of soap, how to rub it and get it foamy, we made letters and drawings in our soap, then 'erased' them and of course some cleaning practice.

Nature Bracelet - This was a BLAST!  I put a wide Masking Tape (you could also use packing tape or painters tape), sticky side out around his wrist to make a braclet. Then we went on a Nature Walk.  He stuck different things onto his bracelet. Some things were too large or heavy and fell off. We talked about why that happened.  He loved this activity and is asking for it a lot now.

Circle Time - Most every day, we gather his stuffed animals and Sweet Pea to have circle time where we sing a bit and read stories. While we sing and read a lot through out the day, there's something special about circle time.  It's so heartwarming and fun to see Turbo absolutely in love with Sweet Pea.

Kite Flying - Windy days = Kite! Check out my post here for a quick paper kite tutorial.

Color Round-up. We did Black this week. Turbo had a terrific time and has a great eye. I first saw this idea at 1+1+1=1.

Open Ended Art - This week was pumpkins. Check out what we did here. 

To see what others are doing with their kids head over to 1+1+1=1 and My Family Forever  (yep, found another terrific site that hosts a link up - go check it out!!)


Mari-Ann said...

Great week!! I bought some of those beans ages ago - 30 minute potential you say? I'm pulling them out today!

It is just TOO funny that Turbo took the blanket from Sweet Pea and used it as a sun shield. VERY clever little man you have there! :)

Love love love the nature bracelet, too!

Nicki said...

Awesome week! I love the part where Turbo spilled the soap, and you grasped the opportunity to learn about textures and letters and stuff! Thats awesome! I probably would never have thought of that... I'd be busy sighing, "Awwwwww Pufferfish, what a mess!"

Cindy said...

You sure have patience. I would mot have thought to write letters in the soap. I would have been a little upset.

Love the nature bracelet. We have thought about doing that but just never have. It looks so fun.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

What an amazing week! I am going to use the idea for balancing pasta on a spoon and also the nature bracelet. I think my son will LOVE these activities! Thanks for such great ideas! This is my first visit to your blog and I love your "about me" blurb - exactly the way I feel too. I'm your newest follower! :)

Susana said...

I LOVE what you did with those beans!

Such a sweet picture with Sweet Pea too. How old is she? My newest is 6 wks:-). You are busy too!!

Thank you so much for linking up and sharing all the super things you did!

Carrie said...

Your ideas are wonderful - thanks for sharing - and your kids are so cute! I LOVE the nature bracelet idea & the fact that you used the spilled soap as a teaching opportunity is wonderful. :) It's so nice to hear that other people's kids sometimes don't 'get' the activities you plan either - sometimes Z doesn't get into crafts AT ALL & I end up doing it all myself! :) I love the car seat solution - too funny & ingenious! :)

Becky said...

Oh I love the art journal idea! :) What a nice way to document.... plus it'll be fun to look back on.

Raising a Happy Child said...

What an awesome week - Turbo is such a good big brother (well, outside of his blankie stealing :)) I think I am going to try pasta experiment - it sounds like a lot of fun.

Cara said...

Such great activities! My son really likes to play with beans too, but always makes a huge mess. I really like the Nature Bracelet idea too! Definitely going to try that one next time we go to the park!

Brenda said...

I'm so proud of you honey! And for me... I appreciate your stories and pictures of my wonderful grandkids! Thank you for sharing your life with us and being an inspiration to so many.

I love you much... Mom

Susana said...

I LOVE what you did with those beans!

Such a sweet picture with Sweet Pea too. How old is she? My newest is 6 wks:-). You are busy too!!

Thank you so much for linking up and sharing all the super things you did!