Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tot School

Cross Off Game:  Formerly known as Number Race, it was renamed by Turbo. He loved this game. We rolled the die, counted the dots and crossed off one shape next to the number rolled. Similar to this activity. I love that I had Turbo focusing on marking one spot on the paper. After about 10 rolls, he was done counting dots. We switched to using cards and we finished the paper.

Then we sorted the cards (You can use any cards at all - we used crazy 8 cards, you can even make your own)

We sorted things by their beginning letter.  It was soooo difficult to find something to use for J. Thankfully I hadn't put away our Halloween stuff yet, so I had a Jack-o-lantern.  I purposely used items from the house and mostly his toys to continue associating the letter sounds with our everyday things.

Drawing - he was calling out all the letters he was 'writing'. So so cute.

Color Round up!  - He get so excited to start the activity, but quickly get distracted while looking through the toys. We have a ton of things with red. Here's what we gathered before he was completely onto something new.

Our New Game - Lucky Duck. My friend Christy gave this to us (THANK YOU!) and he plays it many time a day.  While we were playing this game with Daddy, Sweet Pea laughed for the first time! Oh sweet music to my ears.  We were all there to see and hear it!!

Cleaning with feathers - next week is feathers for Open Ended Art.  I bought the duster at the dollar tree. Turbo is having a lot of fun with it before we dismantle it for our project.

Singing Yankee Doddle - "...feather in his cap..."  Me, I'm LMAO!  I'm so happy I had the camera handy.

Of course we did Open Ended Art, check out our Matisse inspired art.

Check out our 5 Senses Pumpkin Activity

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sbswtp said...

Looks like you had a great week :)

Lil' Ms. P said...

I like your dice game. I think I might try that with my son.

Raising a Happy Child said...

Awesome week! You did a lot of creative fun!

Jeanette said...

I did the number race with my son last week. It was lots of fun for him.