Friday, October 30, 2009

Art Journal & Free Photo Book

As I was looking through Turbo's older art, I realized again just how much his drawings and paintings have changed. The first pictures were clumsy swipes and dots - (ok, he was really just banging the crayon...but they were still dots.)  I smile remembering those first drawings and how often more crayon in his mouth than on the paper!

I want to document the ongoing progression of his art in a way that's easy to look back on it. I have two great ideas!

#1 - Art Journal. What a great way to have a single source of his drawings in a way that is easily stored, reviewed and preserved!  It will be so fun to turn the pages and see his art evolve and take shape into pictures of his life, experiences and thoughts.

Using a Michaels craft store 40% coupon, I purchased a hard-bound book with blank pages. You can also find these at many book stores. Each month he'll draw in the book. I'll date it and eventually ask him to write his name on the paper. What a great way to see his signature evolve too!  We started today.

#2 - Photo Book - I'll take pictures of his arts and crafts through out the year and then put them in a photo book.  It's a great way to preserve but not keep all of his work.  My favorite place to make books is Shutterfly. They have the best templates, are super user friendly and have great quality.  Use this Shutterfly link to get your free Photo Book. If you go there directly, the promo code is: UR48-4V38-GZB3-4Z1A7. The offer expires 11/30/09, so get over there soon. It's FREE - think Christmas gift, birthday gift or keep it!  You could make a timeline book - say highlights of 2008 or 2009. You can also make a theme book - say the last 6 years of family Thanksgivings (easter, summer vacations, birthdays, crafts, nature activities - whatever!) picture

Have any other ideas? What are you doing to keep your child(ren)'s art?


Mari-Ann said...

Great idea to use the art journal!

We've done the photobook things, too and have had GREAT results. Except we use - same concept though!

Christy said...

Fantastic post! I am making a photo book of my kids' art too. I love the idea of keeping a sketchbook of their art too.