Monday, October 26, 2009

Black and White Art

This is my favorite recent drawing of Turbo's. It shows or represents growth in many ways.

He spent almost 10 minutes coloring this paper - both sides!! His attention span for coloring has grown soooo much.

He was holding the crayon in the correct position - without any coaching from me. He's fine motor and pre-writing skills are growing.

He was telling me about his art as he was drawing. He drew long tales, smily faces, circles and even made some writing letters. 

He's intentionally using different shapes while drawing. He's drawing with straight, wavy, and circular lines.  He knows this and talks about the type of line he's drawing.

He intentionally wanted to cover a lot of the paper.  Most of his previous drawings have been a couple of scribbles on one area of the paper. He's using different techniques and noticing porpotion more.

Unfortunately I missed the cut off to join this week's Mr. Linkey, but I still wanted to post about it!  To see what others are doing, head over to Mommies Wise Little Bookworms

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Donette said...

I really like this! I must remember to get some black paper again - we are already out!