Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tot School

Where did this week go? Rick was out of town and I felt a little behind the 8 ball by the end of the week. Glad we got in some Tot School towards the beginning.

The best part of the week was a visit from my friend & her husband. I've known both of them for over 20 years! We stayed up until the wee, wee hours of the morning talking like we hadn't missed a beat. I cried with happiness and sadness when they left. What a very special time.

We're missing a lot of pictures this week. I just didn't think about taking them as we were having so much fun together.

Turbo is 27 months

Jack Be Nimble pretend play 

Making Jello - We don't cook together often. It was great fun and I plan do it more often!

Telling Jokes - Turbo learned two knock, knock jokes. It's so cute when out of the blue he comes to me and says Knock Knock and we go through the joke. I was able to get one on video and couldn't resist sharing!

Planting Pumpkin Seeds - A little late in the season, but still a fun activity!

Guitar Playing - This was by far his favorite activity for the week. It's on-loan from a good friend of mine and he's over the moon about it!

Blocks - Our number/letter/picture blocks are so much fun.  We matched letters, sorted animals (farm and wild) and did some math equations.  We did so much of this and I don't seem to have one picture.  It was great fun for both of us.

Spaghetti into small holes.  (then he was pretending it was floss - I just about died laughing. Guess our hygiene habits are rubbing off.)

Geoboard - An often requested activity (I love his concentration tongue)

Open Ended Art - See our post for our spinning good time!

For more Tot School ideas, head over to Carisa's Blog - 1+1+1=1


Cindy said...

Love the knock knock joke. So cute! We just recently purchased a geoboard and my little man loves it. I was going to make one but it seemed I never had time to make it. You guys had such a great week.

Rebecca said...

Great week!

Rebecca said...

Great week!