Monday, October 26, 2009

Tot School

We had a terrific week.  The highlight was the weekend visit from by my Mom and brother! Turbo was so excited to see Gram-ma. He absolutely loves her and thinks about her every day! We fit a lot of fun into their quick visit, including the Pumpkin Patch on Sunday.

Corn maze. My brother lead us through this huge maze (thankfully!). Turbo loved the mud the best, but also enjoyed checking out the corn and riding on Daddy's shoulders.

Here some other pictures from the pumpkin patch - Cow Train, Pretend Cowboy, HUGE Corn pit (like a sandbox), Animals, children's Hay maze with tunnels, oh yes -- and pumpkins!


MUSIC ~ Turbo accidentally received his new keyboard I was saving for Christmas. I brought it out to show Rick and forgot to put it away. The next morning little Eagle Eye spotted it and that was that.  He loves music, especially the piano. That's all he wanted to do the entire week, so I followed his lead. We usually spend a lot of time singing and dancing, but this week we spent the vast majority of each day singing together while Turbo played the keyboard.  I really love to see his passion for music - song, instruments and dance.

READING ~ Turbo read a LOT. Instead of asking me to read to him, he wanted to read to Sweet Pea. Not just one or two, I'm talking stacks and stacks of books!! Melt your heart sweet.

Name Caps - This has been on my list for ages and I whipped it up during his snack one day.

FINE MOTOR ~ Turbo is getting better at his button snake. He actually asked for it this week! It frustrated him, so he didn't want to do it for awhile. I'm proud he tried again (and did very well!) Want to make your own - Counting Coconuts shows you how.

SCIENCE ~ Wave Bottle (Baby oil, water and food coloring). He loved this. Shook it up, rolled it turned it and more. He enjoyed seeing the waves and the separation. We talked about oil and water. We'll be doing more with this concept.

Using the pump - one of his favorite things is the pump we use for the summer pool. He puts it in the water table to make bubbles, blows his hair and blows leaves around the patio. The hose comes off the pump fairly easily. When it stops working, it makes for some good troubleshooting experience.

GROSS MOTOR and patience ~ We also played several good games of hide and seek. He'll wait quietly a very long time until I find him.

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PS: My child does typically wear clothes!!

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