Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Give-A-Way Win!

Turbo and I won a terrific give-a-way hosted by 1+1+1=1.  It's a cute book "A Bee in a Tree" courtesy of Mommy and Baby Essentials

Turbo loves it! We must have read it 20 times today.  It's a rhyming book with large font and bright clear pictures. The clean look and repetition of the book enables him to easily point out the matching and rhyming words.  We'll be doing some rhyming word matching activities at some point with this book as inspiration. It's perfect for my little man who loves rhyming words and is trying to read a bit on his own.

THANK YOU Carisa and Mommy and Baby Essentials!!!

" Hold the book up for Mommy..."


Donette said...

hey that is so cool!

Carisa said...

So glad he likes it!!!!

;) Carisa

Susan said...

I completely understand "don't slam the door" and frightened about fingers getting caught in the door.

I am excited about this screen. I've never heard/seen this before, but it sounds like it is the answer to my screen door worries.

Thanks so much for passing this on Susan!