Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tot School

Turbo was sick this week.  We did a lot of plain fun things like building a fort, painting our Open Ended Art project and outside play.  We also had some down time - longer naps, running errands and even a TV afternoon where we watched Letter Factory.

I postponed our formal Tot School plan for this week and just incorporated little bits into his play when he was up for it.

LETTER STOMP - We were playing outside and I quickly thought of this game. Wrote a different lowercase letter on several pieces of paper and spread them out around the lawn. Then Turbo called out a letter and we raced over to STOMP on it.  Something so simple and absolutely fun.  We've reviewed h, t, b & n  over the past 4 weeks, so we used those letters. Next time, I'll put out upper case as well. This was a huge hit!

Hand tracing. My aquadoodle pen isn't working well, so it dried before he was completed, but he loves doing this.

Letter writing - he's so funny as he wants to 'write' his letters. So I write them and he doodles all over saying he's writing 'o's.  So cute!

Button Snake - I found this great activity at Island Life's blog and just had to make one. Turbo was more interested in unbuttoning, so I buttoned them all on and let him remove them.

Red Light / Green Light - We mixed it up a bit and played the game with him on his car. (as a side note, I got this car off freecycle almost 18 months ago and it has been one of his favorite toys. Isn't it always like that!)  

Circle Prints - Turbo was playing with the plunger which was wet. He stamped it on the slate, saw a circle and was so excited to tell me about it. He proceeded to wet and stamp the plunger for a long time!

Clean up play - I asked Turbo to clean up his blocks and he decided to use his tongs and transfer.


Donette said...

my son loves the plunger and I am always telling him to leave it alone! Now we have an activity!

Giggly Girls said...

The plunger idea is fabulous. Who wouldn't love that? LOL

Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

I love letter stomp!!! :)

Cindy said...

You have the greatest ideas. Glad I found you. We love tot school too!