Sunday, October 18, 2009

Best Communication Moment of the week

The best Communication Moment of the week:
Turbo wanted to sit on the potty so I undressed him and he sat to go. Sweet Pea starts fussing, so I go in her room to nurse her. I hear the drawers opening/closing in my bathroom, so I know Turbo is playing. After Sweet Pea's done I go to see the mess in my bathroom. Turbo decides he has to go potty again. I kneel down and talk to him. Here's how it went....
 "JaJa peed in bed"   WHAT???
"No, peepee on leg, right here." (pointing to his calf)   You peed on your leg? 
"Uh, Ya, right here" Where were you when you peed. (holding my breath....) 
"On bed - sitting on Mommy's pillow" Really? (thinking oh, please no!)
"Ya, on Mommy's pillow".
 UGH! Sure enough, there was pee on my comforter, sheets & pillow. *sigh* At least he told me before I climbed into bed. Got to love his communcation skills. HA!!

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